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Capítulos de livros

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Artigos publicados como capítulos de livros.


  • Garcia, R. ; MELLO, L. F. ;SOTOMAYOR, J.  Surfaces around closed principal curvature lines, an inverse problem. In: Edited by M. Manoel , M. C. Romero Fuster and T. Wall. (Org.). Real and Complex Singularities. 1ed. Cambridge: London Math. Society, 2010, v. 380, p. 158-166.
  • Garcia , R.   SOTOMAYOR, J. ; MELLO, L. F. O. . Principal mean curvature foliations on surfaces immersed in R4. In: Freddy Dumortier et al. (Org.). Equadiff 2003. 1ed.Amsterdam: Word Scientific, 2005, v. 1, p. 939-949.
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